Monday, May 30, 2011

Tumblr Recap: #1

It's so funny. I originally planned for my blog to be an inspiration/fashion/lifestyle one. But obviously, it has become more of a fashion one, which takes seemingly less effort, since I have to wear clothes everyday anyway. Slowly, I want to incorporate more design and inspiration into my blog. I also want to start incorporating more self-made graphic inspiration, since that actually has to do with my major :) I have a couple ideas up my sleeve. I'm pretty sure I just got a bit off track because of laziness.

I think Tumblr is an amazing resource--for inspiration and pretty things. And I like to update mine at least once every few days. But then again, not everyone has one, so I thought I might pick out a few of my favorite things every week.

This week, I see aquamarine + sepia being a huge trend :)

1. Thing I like, Things I love via fauxbois
2. Windswept Ribbons via teachingliteracy
3. Inspiring Pictures
4. Everyday Life Store via Fairycastle
5. Kyle Scullee via Cory Gibbons
6. Chocolate Muffin via Misswallflower


  1. I love that purse! Stop by and enter my first giveaway!

  2. I do agree that Tumblr is an amazing resource for pretty and inspiring pictures. :) That satchel is soooo lovely. I would love to welcome it into my life!

    And I look forward to your self-made graphics, of course! I'm not much of an artist myself but I do looove seeing and admiring other people's works :)

  3. Sounds good! I look forward to seeing the changes:)

    Fashion Cat

  4. that first picture looks amazing.. i think i would love live in that kind of room..

  5. Following your blog! Love it :)
    I know how you feel when doing fashion's so much work! Ha.
    The pictures you chose are perfect!

    Minestrone Soup For the Teenage Soul

  6. i love tumblr :)
    theres so much to find there!
    love your blog!
    all that glitters.♥

  7. I heart tumblr :) I wish I was more organised so I could actually maintain a tumblr with my blog, etc. :( and I super love that blue purse! It's just soooo gorgeous!

  8. Oooh, I can't wait to see the new content on your blog - especially some of your self-made designs!
    Also, I'm pretty sure I reblogged that picture of the blue purse from you. I love that bag, haha!

  9. I realllllyy love that blue bag. So gorgeous.

    PS: I'm hosting a little fashionable giveaway with pin-on silk flowers if you'd like to see :)
    xx, Helen

  10. goodness.. i think having a fashion blog sounds so hard! hahaha i guess this is because my "uniform" is jeans and a tshirt. or worse.. sweatpants and a tshirt (shhh.) i love fashion and dressing nicely, but when you work from home it's a little difficult to get motivated.
    anyway, i'd love to see some of your design work :)

  11. great! Can't wait to see more of your design work!

  12. can't wait love this little collage!

  13. Aqua is a great colour, I am also really into turquoise at the moment. That satchel is to die for.

  14. Great round up of inspiration! Love that table of plants :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  15. tumblr is my favorite for all around inspriation.
    love the stuff you've been posting ;)

  16. ahhh I LOVE that bag. It's perfect :)

    I've been dragging my feet about doing Tumblr... but I think it might finally be time. We'll see.

  17. beautiful! the light foamy blue color of that bag is amazing!

  18. I'm excited to see your posts on design and inspiration. As much as I love fashion posts, it's cool to see other sides of your blogger friends! Sweet Tumblr pics. :)

  19. ooo I love all of these. especially that adorable turquoise bag! I'm having serious Tumblr obsession issues lately. Idk what brought the obsession about haha. I made one randomly and wasn't really into it. But now, I just started posting like a crazy person and I can't stop. I can't stop searching and searching and going through peoples archives like a mad woman. I hope you're following a lot of people because I'm probably destroying your newsfeed with pokemon and sailor moon pics if you don't hahaha.

  20. Sounds good!! I'd love to see it! I think that having a fashion blog, is quite a lot of money bc nearly nobody shows twice the same dress...
    have a nice day!

  21. stunning imagery! so inspiring! id love to see more of your inspiration :) x


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