About Me


I dislike these things, because I write them, re-read them, deem them stupid and then start again; it just becomes this stupid vicious cycle. And yet, I am making one anyway.

I am a student studying architecture (minor) & graphic design, living in overcast Portland, Oregon. I believe in design that is frank, finding beauty in the mundane, touches of whimsy and cups of tea at all times of day. I'm not completely sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I know that it's something creative--which will challenge me on a daily basis and push me to constantly pursue and learn new things.

When it comes to getting dressed, I'm a bit girly and a lot self critical. I shy away from super bold colors and patterns and take special interest in the details of any piece. I thrift quite a bit and love the look and feel of vintage. That moment of discovery is priceless.


I am dating Robert, my very very best friend, though we are long distance right now; he is in California studying Cinematography. In June, it will be three years, and he will be home in Portland for good. Through high school, he was the classic "nice guy" who listened to my problems whilst I dated a not so nice guy. Luckily, I fell for him and we are happy now. I am so thankful.

I adore illustration, design, fashion, teacups, documentaries, classic literature, stationary, high waisted anything, 70's furniture, collage & water color, olfa knives and sunshine, to name a few things.