Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Blog

Hello, beautiful people. As you can tell, this blog has been a bit abandoned. I stepped back from it for a while and realized that i'd grown tired of just blogging outfits. I've moved on to: hello lark for anyone who really cares :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hello! I admit, I have been a perfectly horrible blogger lately. Let's just say I'm more than enthused about my school work lately and I was and still am dealing with some family things.

Good News x2: I now have a Graphic Design internship + I have a lovely collection to share with you :D Rachel, of Adore More and Cucuco (etsy) was sweet enough to ask me to promote her new accessories line (this was the good news I mentioned in my last, ancient post). So click on one of those links or on this graphic.

She sent me this lovely headband. Which seriously, no doubt beats out any silly three dollar F21 in and out purchase (which I know, just happens when you're rushed and feeling the need for something cute in your hair). You can tell Rachel's things are made with love :) You can see this original post here where she posted up these photos a little bit ago.

Eeeee. The headband is named after meeee. I squeed when I saw that. Not to mention, if you scroll through Adore More, you can see a few other guest posts. Not going to lie–I definitely have my eyes on this. The pieces are so wonderfully crafted. Pleeease take a looksie :D

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hey all. I've been swamped with work since getting back from Hawaii but thought I would post up a little teaser. I got my hair cut/colored in Hawaii and also have some exciting news I'll be sharing in a bit. But for now, you get this pretty picture.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paper Dolls

I mentioned previously that I'm working on a paper doll set for my digital illustration class. I decided to restrict myself to using only black + one spot color throughout and I really like the result. I wasn't at all meaning to make her look like me, but basically everyone I've shown these to has asked if they were a self portrait. What do you think? :) I'm actually half tempted to use these in my header and change my layout a bit.

I'll be posting up my progress with this project. It makes me quite happy, since it's graphic design + fashion. Sort of.

ink on printer paper, scanned and digitally colored.

ClICK HERE to see the set larger.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Vintage Children Book Illustrations

Lately, I've been rather obsessed with the illustrations from vintage children's books. Especially the ones that are two color print jobs--with slightly sketchy lines and bizarre, silly content. I stumbled across a pool of them on flickr and pulled ones that I liked/were amusing to me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I have been so busy with schoolwork and work this summer, it's ridiculous. I always imagine summer as being this sunshiney carefree time, but I never actually let myself relax–I always sign up for classes and load on the work hours. It's great having Robert home, finally, but it's disappointing that most of the time we spend together is consumed by me being on the computer fretting over minuscule things like the tracking and leading of type.

It feels like I haven't done outfit photos in forever!

Robert and I went to our old high school the other day though. We bought some pretty awesome Greek food and then sat in the bleachers. In the band section of course! :) Because we used to be in marching band together.

These pictures make me smile though. They are so soft and dreamy. And I hardly did anything to them in Photoshop. Robert has been experimenting with some different lenses–all of which are older and fully manual. It's crazy when you see photos nowadays that aren't perfectly crisp and clean. I like these a lot.

Such big things are happening this summer. My parents are moving, I'm finally getting into the groove of graphic design, Robert is home and I'm leaving for Hawaii in five days; I'm escorting my grandpa back. He's been living here in Portland for a few years now, but now that my grandma is retired, he is moving back. So I'll have some pretty pictures to show when I get back :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Julia Morstad

It's sort of funny but for my digital illustration class, we're being required to illustrate our wardrobes for a week–which is something I've been wanting to experiment with anyway. Looking for illustration inspiration for this project, I came across the illustrations of Julia Morstad.

I love the simple clean line work + simple, deliberate color palettes.