Sunday, July 10, 2011


ink on paper, then digitally colored.

This was just a silly little thing I did fairly quickly. I've been experimenting with scanning hand done illustrations then digitally coloring the fills and line work. This one was really simple and consisted of just coloring the lines.


  1. This would make a wnderful poster, I can imagine it really big on a wall. Beautiful.

    I'd love to learn modifying scanned in drawings - I have a feeling I should finally save up for a Photoshop course. :)

  2. I really like this :O
    You know what it reminds me of?! This Joy Division album cover, from the album "Unknown pleasures". I am not really a fan or anything, but I know they album cover because I´ve seen several t-shirts with it.
    What program did you use? I scan some of my drawings as well, but then I am not really sure of what exactly I can do with them, once they´re in the computer.

  3. lovely! I've been wanting to experiment with more artsy stuffs because ever since I devoted my life to science (like, back in high school) I'd abandoned writing, drawing, painting, etc. Stuff like this kills me. :)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. I like this a lot. Probably because I have a fascination with topographic maps. This design gives me this feeling that I can't place my finger on it exactly.

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  6. This is it!


  7. love the simplicity of it! great colour and font choice too :)

  8. i love this!! please post your work all the time! ahh! <3 p.s. how are you feeling about this friday?!?


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