Friday, February 18, 2011

rompers & playscapes

Today is a romper day. Partially because I am yearning for spring, partially as inspiration for my architecture project (sort of). I'm working on a playscape and outdoor classroom for children along the Willamette River. I figure if I'm dressed a bit like a child, it might help me think more like one--even though I already sort of do :)

This romper makes me happy. I bought it at the Forever 21 outlet ages ago (for seven dollars, if I remember correctly). It was my first romper, actually. The pretty folded, origami-like bodice was what made me take the plunge into the world of playsuits.

And of course, for studio, I must wear comfy shoes. I feel as if I will have fun wearing this today. As of late, I've gotten tired of wearing pants and pants and pants--just miles of pants. Partially because I get lazy when I'm constantly in and out of studio, partially because of weather. This blog is helping me get motivated with my clothes again. Hello Henrietta!

Cardigan: Express via thrifting
Romper: Forever 21 Outlet
Belt: Fossil via thrifting (it's a nice leather one and cost me two dollars!
Tights: ?? via Marshalls
Oxfords: Aldo


  1. Cute look! The romper looks lovely :)

  2. The detail on the top of the romper is so cool. I love the sunlight in your photos too!

  3. I just LOVE your playsuit! It's fab!! xxxxxxxxx


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