Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things I Want

These colors make me smile.

  1. Vintage re-issue flap, from Fossil, $148.00. It's simple and a happy color. It'd be the perfect size as an everyday bag for me--not to mention, springtime/summer appropriate :)

  2. Purple Heart street helmet from Nutcase Helmets, $50.00. It's almost spring! (sort of) and I want a cuter helmet. Especially since my bicycle is so beautifully purple and adorable.

  3. Bexley Cyndy wallet from the Kate Spade sample sale, $87.00. Bright and happy with the perfect number of little sections and card spaces. I really, really love Kate Spade because her stuff is so simple, lively and well made.

  4. Trotters brown woven loafers, $??.??. I keep stumbling upon these things while thrifting. But alas, like Goldilocks, they're always one size too big or one size too small. They'd match anything and seem comfortable.

  5. Canvas Mary Jane Flats from Forever 21, $16.80. They are mary janes. They have a bow. I can use the excuse that I do not have navy shoes. And I keep being reminded of how much I like them, since my roommate owns them...

Oh, and in lieu of spring, here is my beautiful bicycle, Henrietta. Because I want to beckon spring in and because you can see her back tire in my last post :)

(it is a bit difficult to tell, but she is light purple.)

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  1. again, love the shoes you're listed!! xxxxxxx


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