Friday, March 25, 2011

California Recap + Thrifted Love

To be honest, I didn't really take too many pictures. Mostly on account of forgetting to pack my camera battery :( Though I'm not sure how much of an excuse that would have been, because when I spend time with Robert, most of my focus is with us. We've been long distance for almost three years now; each moment spent is counted and precious. There's so many more things I meant to take pictures of, but didn't.


He plays classical guitar. I learned to play Ode to Joy & It's a Small World. I felt so silly playing such childish songs. But I guess you've got to start somewhere. I wanted to be involved in music when I was young, but couldn't because I did gymnastics every single weekday after school--even left school every day.


We go to the pier every time I visit. It's the romantic couple thing to do in Ventura.


Cafe 126. Amazing greasy diner food.



On one of the days it rained. It rained a lot. Like, crazy crazy rain. I wore a recently thrifted, comfy pink and white sweater. We drove up to Ojai, a silly little town close to Ventura, went to a little coffee shop, ate at a cafe and thrifted that day. Perfect outfit for that.




pretty little five minute "hike" we took on my last day.

And now, for two of my favorite things I acquired thrifting. A jewelry box, which was something I set out looking for. It was the perfect size, in excellent condition, and only five dollars. I bought way too much clothing to post up right now. Maybe later. Or maybe you'll just see it all in outfit posts.


oh, and when you open the top, the rest of the drawers come open too.


and... I am using this cup this very moment to drink my tea. I love all the little illustrations.


I'm a bit sad to be back home now. But I'm looking forward to Spring term, re-finding myself after selling my soul to Architecture, and actually spending time with friends & family. And Robert is done with school in three months. He'll be home in Portland for good then. I already consider us having made it past the last three months of long distance. I can't see anything that could break us now.


  1. Awe this sounds lovely! I love my manfriend:) I play classical guitar too!

  2. Looks like lovely times! :) Your relationship must be strong, you're both very lucky!

    I love your blog by the way, the outfits as well as the art-architecture interest, will be coming back! :)

  3. I am so happy for you two. I always thought you were the cutest couple in high school, and now I know it. :) Glad you had such a good time! And super super glad he's coming home soon!!!!


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