Tuesday, March 22, 2011

pattern mixing

If anything, travel forces you to put on outfits you never would have worn, had you had a full range of selection from your closet. When it comes to outfits, I like to have one pattern, one bold color, one extreme place of interest. My worst fear is to look too busy. That being said, I hardly ever mix patterns.



but since everything I decided to wear was (mostly) neutrals, I decided that it was okay. Not to mention, this was the only scarf I brought along and it was too windy to go sans. I wore this yesterday and went shopping while Robert had class. It was a happy outfit for running around in. I'm happy I bought gel inserts for these shoes before I left though, since they're so flat.


And I adore this skirt. I thrifted it for .95 cents. It buttons all the way up the front, though you can't really tell from the pictures.


Skirt: thrifted
Shirt: American Eagle
Tights: Forever 21
Scarf: H&M
Bag: thrifted
Shoes: Urban Outfitters


  1. i love mixing patterns and prints!! great outfit!! love your skirt!! and cute photos <3

  2. You are a PRO at pattern mixing! I'm so envious of your thrifting find with that skirt- it couldn't be any cuter!! This whole outfit is wonderful.

  3. Really impressed with how well these prints go together :)

  4. That's such a cute skirt for 95 cents :) I have trouble mixing different patterns but you do it quite well!


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