Thursday, March 31, 2011

Japan Day

I work today, but am dressing up a little because 100% of our sales today are going to Japan. If you like hello kitty or her friends just drop by a Sanrio boutique to look around. This is wholly unrelated to that, but I am really really appreciative to cropped tops, because lately, they've been giving all of my old, tired dresses new life. Mind, these are ones I've had for 5+ years, which seems like a long time to me.



I love the color of this dress, but the top part bothers me a bit, so I haven't worn it in a while. It has a tie bow on the top left and I let that peek out over my top (which by the way, is quite pretty). I realize I also should have taken pictures from the back, because the whole back buttons up.



And then of course, another instance of those beautiful brown woven loafers. I'm so glad I found them and so glad I was for some reason, obsessive about finding them in my size. Thinking back though, I'm pretty sure my mom used to wear shoes like this. So maybe that's why the idea was so easily planted.


And, I'm wearing panty hose. Because it felt inappropriate not to, since I'm working today.

Yay! getting my hair cut tomorrow! I swear, it's been more than eight months, which is why I wear my hair up so often. No one was here to take my pictures today, so I'm back up on my balcony. You can sort of see a cute little watering can I found the other day. I want to have pots of flowers, or a window box as the year progresses.


  1. That top is soo gorgeous! I really wish you did take a picture of back! Im a sucker for white tops that have a delicate design on them. =)

    And I totally know what you mean bout getting or liking shoes that your own mom would wear or like. So I 'borrow' her shoes a lot now. =)

    -Erin (

  2. aww, I tought it was a skirt, anyways love the color and the cute bow;)

  3. This outfit it so pretty =) I love a deep shade of red. The red bow on your top is adorable and the socks just bring the outfit to cute overload. I agree with what you said about the banner haha. But I'm so terrible at resizing and crap like that, that I think I need to take a week break from screwing around with it. Then i'll maybe adjust it lol.

  4. you are soo adorable, and what a great cause <3

  5. lovee ur outfit, its soo soo cute :)

  6. Hello!! Stopping over from Madeline's blog, and I've really liked yours! (I've seen it all). It's really cool you're studying architecture, and look forward to seeing your different inspirations, so that I can learn as well hehe.

    Best regards,
    Titine & Totoche

  7. Oh wow! how cool! I wish I could stop by your Sanrio shop because I WANT ME SOME SANRIO STUFFZ!! :)

    Once again, you wore that top gorgeously with that dress! I love the little bow peeking out of the collar. And the hems of your socks are just adorable! And yes! Let's be friends!!

  8. You look adorable. That top is really pretty!

  9. Oh I love that top! It's gorgeous! And I like how the bow from the dress is peeking through-really cute detail!
    Awesome woven loafers-great buy!

    It's so great that your work ran this initiative to donate to Japan! If everyone does a little, it'll add up to a lot.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! So very nice of you! And now, I've found your lovely blog, and I'm following ;)

  10. Hey :) thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog :) You are a sweetie :) Lookbooks very hard im short and not a fashionista or whatever. haah

    I love your sweet is the colour on the little bow on your shoulder. very cute, love your style kisses x

  11. ouh so cute ;) i love it! the color scheme is beautiful!
    im following u ^^ come visit my blog and follow bag? im holding a giveaway as well ;)

  12. i just love this outfit! your blouse is the sweetest thing ever! i love the shoes with it too!

  13. This dress is such a great colour! I love the white framing it. And your legs are fabulous!

    It's good to know that Sanrio does events like this, they gained a lot of respect in my eyes now! :)

  14. That is such a cute outfit :)
    Love the pink and the white!

  15. love the color of your skirt <3


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