Monday, March 14, 2011

freedom from studio guilt!

This weekend was the first time in a long time that I could go home to my parents house, shop with my mom and exist without feeling guilty about not being in studio. I can't imagine how it'll feel on Wednesday, when I am completely done with Spring term. It's just the annoying tedious things I have left to do now.

Anyways, went thrifting with my mom on Saturday. It seems that is becoming a bit of a trend, which I don't mind. She rolls her eyes at some of the things I like, but I am perfectly okay with that. I found some treasures... though I wasn't so lucky clothing-wise. I was looking for skirts and dresses, but I am perfectly happy with the things I did find.


Trotters brown woven loafers: $6.00
Square patterned square scarf: $.50
Heart patterned square scarf: $1.99
Baby blue clutch/purse (it looks like an envelope!): $3.00

I realize now, that I also bought a belt but forgot to photograph it. I'm sure that it will show up in my outfit at some point though, so I shall just be lazy. Also notice, I found exactly what I was looking for! As I mentioned in this post. So comfy and easy to wear!


I also found it cute that my mom still has this mushroom in her car. I bought it for her probably five or six years ago.



Last but not least, I dyed my hair on a complete whim. My coworker/roommate and I decided to do it in the time span of our Sunday work shift together. We tried a Japanese brand hair dye called Palty. Previously, as can be seen in my posts, I had the classic asian hair: dark dark dark brown, to the point where it's basically black. The dye lightened it a bit, since it has a smidge of bleach in it and added some red undertones. It's a bit more noticeable in real life. I had a good experience and am happy with the result.


Hope you all had a productive and relaxing weekend too!

♥ Lea!


  1. What great thrift finds! I adore that scarf and your blog!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment about my pizzas, I love hearing from readers and seeing their blogs.

    Yes, I do make my own crusts...actually used all whole wheat flour despite what people say about it being tougher than white flour. You should definitely go and experiment with food, it can be so fun!

  2. Thrifting with your mom sounds like fun...whenever my mom and I go shopping, it's a bit odd since our tastes are so different (and, of course, she picks out floor-length dresses with sleeves to the wrists).
    I really like the shoes and scarf! They really look like they'll be great accessories. And your hair looks pretty, too. :D

  3. Definitely in love with these loafers, perfect to wear with some skinnies when weather becomes more spring-like... :o)

  4. Those shoes are a great find :)

  5. aw, i love your thrifty finds! the loafers are my favorite. love that you go thrifting with your mom- haha, i do too sometimes and she rolls her eyes alot when i show her things i like...hee. i'm your newest follower! visit/follow back? <3

  6. Yeah, I know what you mean about shopping with moms. My mom does that too me all the time when she doesn't like something I pick. But I love your finds! especially the bag.

  7. I love those shoes! Vintage things are always cool! :)


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