Monday, March 28, 2011

First day of school


Look at those lovely wood joints.

These pictures, along with yesterday's were taken at Lovejoy Fountain, in Portland. It was designed by Lawrence Halprin, a famous Landscape Architect as part of a series of Portland parks. If anything, my two years of dabbling in Architecture has taught me that (within that field) it's landscape architecture that actually interests me. I love playing with level changes and the collaboration with nature that occurs. Outdoor spaces change: with the season, with age, with use. I love how these outdoor spaces change as time passes; to me, there is something inherently beautiful about aged wood--the coloring, and how moss, as a part of nature tries to reclaim the material.

You might see me here often. This park is only about a block away from my apartment. And it'll be extra happy when the water is actually running again.


Today was my first day of Spring classes. Which, sadly, I had difficulty dressing for. It's so hard to toe that line dividing looking nice and put together versus looking like you tried way too hard. It's a bit sad that I still care quite a bit about what people think; I've come to terms with the fact that that is how I am: constantly stewing in self scrutiny.



The things I like about this outfit are hidden in the details: belt, scarf, studs on booties, tights and the subtle difference in the grays.


Sarah took my photos again :)

blazer (that I'm holding): Banana Republic
dress: thrifted
shirt: American Eagle
tights: Betsey Johnson
booties: Sam & Libby
belt: vintage, thrifted
scarf: thrifted


  1. You're such a sweet girl! Your blog is lovely and I love your photos :)

    I'm happy to found someone that likes Nouvelle Vague like me!

    I'm going to follow you too! :D

  2. That thrifted dress is such a cute find! And I love those tights. They look so perfect on you. I've come close to buying a pair like that about 200 times, but then I always put them away last minute haha. I just don't think they would look good on me for some reason =p

  3. I love your look :)Those tights are gorgeous and I love how you wore them with those boots! stud love.

    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. Your outfit is so pretty and super suitable for school :) About you comment, I attached the bows using a safety pin , you know, as a broche. If you are interested, I can make a DIY tutorial about bows.

    Hugs !

  5. Really subtle and lovely outfit. Honestly, you don't need to worry about what others think about what you wear, your choices are so right.

    I love the details, especially how the rose on your scarf is the same colour as the side of your glasses. (Yes, I'm talking about your glasses again, oh well...)

  6. You look great, better than your average "first day outfit" for college.

    strawberry freckleface


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