Tuesday, March 22, 2011

red red red cardigan

disclaimer: I'm a bit stupid and did not pack my camera's battery charger. Hence, these are iPhone photos and not at all that good of quality. Still fun though, since I got to stand on a picnic table.


Usually, when it comes to getting dressed, I feel it's easier to choose one item to create an outfit around. However, that did not happen today. I put on this dress but then realized I needed some light bit of outerwear, since the Boyfriend and I were planning on walking down the pier, which is a cold windy experience, albeit pretty. I only brought a black cardigan and a light taupe jacket, but neither made me happy.

Since my dress had a tiny bit of red in it, I threw on this bright red cardigan, which normally, I would never ever wear. I actually bought it for my friend S, who blogs over at 30 Day Adventures. She wears bright colors every day. So I borrowed it, although I haven't even given it to her yet.

Never would have worn it had I been at home with my whole closet, but I'm not too dissapointed :)


Got around to wearing those loafers I hunted and hunted for.




there's a better look at the pattern on the dress.

And, everything was thrifted, except for the headband & knee socks. I could not resist wearing new things. I'm going home tomorrow, which is a bit sad, but I'm all packed with all of my awesome new thrifted things.


  1. adorable outfit!! i love the pop of red <3 cute dress and photos :)

  2. Haha I think the pictures look lovely! Standing on picnic tables make every picture cooler:) I'm a new follwer! I found you because you commented on one of my fovorite blogs Lulu Letty and I really really really liked your style! I'm a new blogger and need all the support to get some new followers! If you could follow back that would be cooler than wooden platforms!

  3. P.S. I would loooooooove a close up on those amazing looking shoes:):):)

  4. Your socks are SOOOO cute. I love the knee highs and the dress and the pop of your red cardigan. You're adorable.

  5. such a cute outfit, you look great! i wish i could pull off knee high socks..


  6. Your headband is so darling! I love the red cardi! Such a pop of color! :)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -

  7. Hi fellow Oregonian Lea! That’s cool! I started blogging in March! I’m from a very small town Dayton. I work in McMinnville for Evergreen (the company that is building the new Wings & Waves Waterpark in the middle of cow country). I know! I think the hairdo will be perfect for summer since I will need something to pull away from my neck I’m sure I’m going to be running around like crazy with our new Waterpark. I’m excited that you’re from Oregon! Did you know that most of the bloggers in this little odd state are running, yoga; health eating, GOING VEGAN, or my baby is 4 months and counting type blogs? Well, anywho I’m excited to hear that your from around here and I will be following diligently :)

  8. cute outfit! I love the knee highs with the loafers. and i love the buttons on the cardigan


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