Friday, April 1, 2011

Pioneer Courthouse Square


I'm sure that all of you non-Oregonians reading this blog think of Pioneers and covered wagons when you think of Oregon. Through this blog, I want to offer you real glimpses. This place is one of the main public spaces in Portland--it is in the heart of downtown, surrounded by the courthouse, public transportation and department stores. For anyone that has visited the city, they have probably taken a photo with this lovely umbrella man statue.


The square's design was chosen through a design competition and took the place of a block sized, multi story parking lot (thank goodness). Various annual events take place in the square now: projected public movies, concerts, farmers markets, and whatever else this crazy city can come up with (mass meditation, sandcastle building competition, etc).


I love my outfit today--especially the shorts. I found them yesterday on sale at H&M. They were only ten dollars and I've been looking for shorts anyway. I can definitely see myself wearing them into the summer and beyond. Plus, they fit me perfectly.


This is one of my favorite belts, because it is so versatile and has a lot of character. It was one of the first finds of mine that pushed me fashion wise into what I am now. Today is errands and homework. I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon! finally. I'm ready to have manageable hair again.



I did a project about this place in fourth grade. It's so funny looking back now, since I've weathered two years of Architecture school. I remember we had to make a little model back then. I shudder to think of how awful and pitiful an excuse mine was. In the square, the bricks are all engraved with the names of people who "bought" bricks in order to fund the project.


And then there's this awesome sign, marking Portland's relation to a few well known places. I love how it connects you to a wider physical context in such a simple way. As with everything for me, it's the details I care about and take notice of. You can see the Courthouse in the background.


And spring is coming! Though it's still gray and overcast.



Thanks, Sarah for taking my pictures. All location photos are my own

shorts: H&M
blouse: thrifted
cardigan: Tracy M. via Marshalls
tights: Cynthia Rowley via Marshalls
purse: Vintage Coach, hand-me down (bf's mom)
shoes: thrifted
headband: Forever 21

Happy Friday!


  1. This outfit is amazingly cuteee rawer! Those shorts are the most wonderful thing I've ever seen. And so cheap! The color and print are so great. Also love the belt. Did you ever watch the show Portlandia? I think it's hilarious. I doubt Portland is actually like that, but it's so funny.

  2. I could smell flowers for the first time this year today on the street. Amazing, such a powerful and happy scent!

    By the way, shorts and tights are my absolute favourite combination right now. Looks amazing on you!

  3. your little shorts are too cute! I've always wanted to visit portland--maybe a westcoast roadtrip is in the cards for me this summer.... :)

  4. Oh those shorts are absolutely adorable. I love the hearts and the patterned tights -such a great choice! And that sign is just fantastic. Happy weekend hun. xx veronika

  5. I love today's outfit as well! The print on those shorts is really adorable, and it fits you really well :) And the bow on your head? So adorbs.

    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! It means a lot!!
    I love your tights, I'm totally a tights girl!
    Ohh question, when was the square finished because those bricks say 2000? It's new?

    Titine & Totoche

  7. Great outfit! Those shorts were an amazing find and I love both the tights and the shoes. Lovely pictures as well!

  8. Lea lives in a wagon.

  9. Awwies you look cute ^^
    The shorts are indeed nice! Love the heart prints.
    The design of the square is pretty, love the small detail on the bricks~

  10. Great outfit! These photos are awesome!

  11. great post and i mean it too! love your shorts they look great with your tights!

  12. Those shorts are so amazing! The pattern is more than lovely!

    Oh, and I loved that umbrella man statue, I wish I could take a photo next to him, ahah.

  13. I love your heart shorts soo much! I love the pattern + color!! I love your blouse as well :)

  14. These shorts..I swear I will own one day. They are so amazing and I hate H&M for not being available in Australia. But you look lovely x

  15. Coolest shorts ever!! ARGH! I've seen some here in New've totally inspired me to buy them!


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