Monday, June 6, 2011

To Whom it May Concern

First off, my grandma took these photos while she was in town visiting. Each and every one is very very staged. I had to deal with her directing the photo shoot: "smile with teeth" "your feet look funny" "do you want that chair in the picture?" etc. So these might look slightly awkward. These were taken at my grandpa's care facility.

I also need to apologize for being far too busy to deal with comments and haven't really been commenting back. By Wednesday, I will be free and get around to doing that. I appreciate all of you who read and leave me love. I'm not just ignoring you all, I promise. It's just that last push at the end of the term. Plus, nice weather. Plus, no internet in my apartment right now. Lame, right?

Life has been lovely lately. It finally feels like summer here in Portland and I am so dang close to being done with Spring Term. All that I have left is my 12-handwritten pages Architecture History final (my hand is cramping a lot) and my State Fair Poster. My new 15" Macbook Pro should be arriving shortly and also a Modcloth dress that I ordered during that 50% off sale for just $25.00. It was my treat for myself since I got paid the day I ordered it.

I'm also freaking out a little because I've decided to jump into my first 30 for 30 challenge, which starts on the 13th. I have to choose my clothes and also account for the fact that I will be also participating in EBEW (lace, this month) and be going down to California for Robert's graduation. Seems a little tough, but I've got faith in myself! Have you guys participated before?

Any suggestions on how you do/would go about choosing your clothes?

skirt: F21, gift from grandma
shirt: AE from high school ish
cardigan: AE from high school time ish
belt: thrifted
tights: ?
oxfords: F21


  1. really pretty oxfords!
    i laughed at your last paragraph because i actually took the same decision to participate in 30 for 30- and it seems hard to include EBEW item and my birthday outfit!but i think we can do it :)

  2. Your grandma did a really lovely job! The double skirt is really cute.
    This is the first time I am joining the 30 for 30 too. I am torn between including my favorite pieces and including the things I own that I need to LEARN to remix because I only wear them one or two ways. (I forgot about EBEW... but I'm not sure I own anything lace...)

  3. hi pretty girl! your gram did such a nice job with the photos! you look lovely (love the layers in the skirt!) i look forward to seeing your 30 for 30 posts! i gave you an award on my blog. if you get a chance, stop over to see! Xx

  4. Best of luck on your last final - and enjoy the nice weather :)


  5. haha I bet your Grandma had a lot of fun playing your photographer for the day. =) As always you are looking cute! I love your belt and how that dress flares out (lovely buy!). Good luck on your final exams and also good luck with your 30x30! I'm sure you'll do great and we're here to support you all the way!

    -Erin (

  6. I sooo adore this outfit! Loving the blues and grays together. That skirt is so sweet too. And I think it's cute how your grandma took your outfit photos! She's both a photographer AND a modeling coach. What a darling. Hehe :)

    Oh my, what's a 30 for 30? @___@

  7. Haha, I couldn't endure my gran taking pictures of me. :) Your grandma is good at photography though! Great pictures of a great outfit - lovely muted tones.

    I've been meaning to participate in EBEW - maybe this time! The 30 for 30 would be too much for my slow blogging skills. :) Good luck with it all!

  8. Awww Lea, you are so cute. I have a problem with pictures actually, so I like reading about how bloggers get their pictures taken. I can't do the self-timer thing very often, because I am such a paranoid gal. I think my neighbors think I am a spy or something, the way I handle my camera.

    And hurray for challenge-doing! I haven't don't the 30 for 30 yet, but I really want to try to do it. I am not sure about doing it now, though, since I have a pretty open schedule, and I may need to start a job soon. So... My excuse is, I can't plan. -_- good luck to you though!

    P.s. I know this is already long, but I love that necklace :) I bought a Chococat watch a long time ago thinking I would wear it everyday, but the strap didn't work with girly/florals. So... it's sitting in my jewelry case, sad. The necklace may actually work for me...
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  9. Good luck with the 30 x 30! Your outfit is so cute here, I love the little touches like your necklace and shoes.

  10. Haha, aww, your grandma sounds so endearing! It's so sweet that she directed your photo shoot. Anyway, I love this outfit! That skirt is adorable. Good luck on your last few assignments! :)

  11. Aw, I think the pictures came out pretty cute! Your Grandma sounds like a total sweetheart! I did the 30 for 30 last season and I learned so much from it. I say go for it! My advice is try on all the items that you picked before finalizing it and make sure the pieces work well together.

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  12. I think your grandma did a great job! The photos don't seem too staged at all. Loving the outfit and those cute assessories. Good luck with your 30 for 30 challenge! I'm always so impressed with the bloggers who do it and do it so well.

  13. aawwww your grandma is so cute! :) the pics look great, they don't look staged at all! can't wait to see the new dress you got, btw love the oxfords your wearing! :)

  14. that is so cute that your grandma took your photos for you :)

    i don't think they're awkward at all!

    hmmmm as for picking outfits.. i am no help there- goooood luck!

  15. I love the black and white photo - how classy! And those oxfords are pretty sweeeet!

  16. love your outfit :)

    your newest follower, Michelle

  17. this outfit is so well put together :)

  18. I absolutely love this look! I just found your blog, and I love it. You are so chic. My grandmother does the exact same thing when she takes my photos! I always get so busy during the Spring/Summer too its hard to keep up with everything. Also.. I really want to dive in to the 30 for 30 challenge but haven't built up my courage yet. Can't wait to see what you come up with!! :)

  19. You look so adorable! I love the color palette of this outfit! :)

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  20. grandma sounds awesome, these photos are adorable!


  21. My gosh, you're absolutely darling! I love your glasses and shoes!


  22. great looks! love the necklace :)

  23. you look lovely!
    and i love the fact that grandma took these pictures... awwww =)

  24. My nan is awful at taking photos aha. Yours, however did a really good job !

    Love the double layered skirt! Cute outfit x


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