Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feeling Good


I never thought that I would ever wear a maxi skirt because I am hovering somewhere inbetween 5' and 5'1". In fact, Sarah and I used to trash talk them together (her post made me giggle, so you should read that too).


But, I loved the print on this one and was planning on hemming it. But, upon closer inspection I realized the length is actually a bit flattering. It's a petite size, so it's not atrociously long on me--especially when I wear heels.


I've been seeing a lot of people styling maxi skirts really simply and I liked that a lot. Because the length of the fabric seems bold enough on it's own. This is one of my go-to shirts for layering under dresses--I hardly every wear it on it's own, but it served me quite well, apart from falling down a bit and revealing -ahem- bra straps.


Anyhow, I was a dork and pranced around in the grassy area of this park, which is Tanner Springs park in the NW part of Portland, if anyone cares. I wrote a paper about this project, so it would have made sense to take location shots, but I was too excited to just be wearing a maxi skirt :)




skirt: thrifted
shirt: American Eagle (high school days)
shoes: thrifted
belt: thrifted
jacket: H&M
bag: thrifted

Also, this post was sort of for EBEW. If you don't know what that is, I suggest clicking the little button below because it's pretty awesome. I love blogging--it's given me so many ideas and has challenged myself to look more closely at how I get dressed and shop.


  1. Only wearing "flattering" clothing gets so boring so quickly. Honestly, I think women (and men) who dress in a way that makes them stand out are way more stylish than those who simply wear what "looks good." Maybe that's because I conflate looking different or interesting with looking good, but, y'know, I'm artsyfartsy like that.

    I see you live in PDX! The PacNW is my second home. I've got relatives all over Washington, and my aunt/uncle/cousins actually live on 45th and Hawthorne. It's such a fun city although I must say I was disappointed by the thrifting. I think it's just that so many people are looking for the same sorts of things, you know? Here in the Bay Area suburbs, there isn't a whole lot of competition.

    Anyway, the proportions in this outfit are just perfect and that belt is so sleek and tops the whole thing off to great effect. I would have guessed you were like 5'4" or something. Maxi skirts can be elongating, maybe?


  2. that maxi skirt look wonderful on you! i love the way you styled it! nice heels

  3. Your shoes are stunning!!

    Yeah I think it is too limiting to stick to what is supposed to suit your figure. I didn't even realise how many 'rules' I had for myself until I went shopping with a friend who kept throwing clothes my way - I tried on all sorts of things I would NEVER try on my own - and was actually plesantly suprised! Moral of the story? Your maxi looks fab!

  4. Love this maxi with your blazer, really cute styling! Challenges like this one are such a great!! So in on the next one!

    Also! Loving the shoes! CUTENESS!

  5. I love the pictures where you're being dorky. :)
    And your shoes are great!
    Why should you feel you can't wear certain types of clothes? I think the skirt is wonderful! :)

  6. Very cute skirt!


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  7. what a great look on you! I don't really like maxi skirts either, but you can really pull this look off! You look quite fancy really! xx

  8. this skirt look FABULOUS on you, suits you so well. I am on 5'3 so find it hard to find maxi/midi's to suit my size and height



  9. just came across your blog and really really like it!!
    your outfits areso cute, i love your style!
    have an awesome day! :)

    xx ju - Google

  10. I love the shoes - can't believe you scored those in a thrift hunt. Awesome!

  11. What a sweet pretty outfit! I love the skirt and the way you paired it with the simple white blouse. Very cute.

  12. I really love the idea of associating the maxi dress with the shoulder blaser!

  13. love this skirt. lovely outfit. =)

  14. This is a lovely outfit, that skirt pair with those heels has a low key vintage-y look that I like! :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  15. tanks so much for your sweet comment!
    by the way i bought mine at zara - in sale actually :)
    xx ju

  16. You look darling in this outfit! I adore your shoes!!

  17. you deserve ten stars for that thrifted skirt! what a find!!!!!!!!! just found your blgog!

  18. It looks perfect on you!

  19. Goodness, this outfit is so cute! Just perfect really :)

  20. Awww you look cute, love the shoes! :)

    The Cat Hag

  21. This is such a pretty look! I'm the same height and have been wary of maxi skirts, but now I want to try :)


  22. Oh Lea, I love it. You totally rock the maxi look, height sister. I'm glad you left the skirt as is. :) And from the look of these photos, you had oodles of fun! Ps. Those shoes are gorgeous.
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  23. That skirt is sooo cute! I love the print on it but the length of it is so dreamy :)

  24. i love the fact that your background setting is kinda in a backyard with weeds and grass and everything, it gives a spring look! :) you look fabulous!

    and thanks for your comment! you're not lame at all (because you don't do any sports), dance is actually a kind of "sport" if you wanna call that :P, i can ABSOLUTELY NOT dance HAHAHHA. gymnastic either, oh gosh i'm the least flexible person on this earth!

    anyhow, hope you had a great day! :) take care! xoxoxo

  25. Cute outfit!


  26. That skirt is sooo pretty! I just love florals.


  27. Love that skirt paired with the blazer! So pretty!

    Monique xx


  28. Loving the skirt! Shoes-skirt-belt combination is just lovely and looks great on you.



  29. very purdy ; ) sweet shoes!


  30. Love the skirt and that you're frolicking through the grass. These photographs are great.

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  31. I love that maxi skirt! The floral pattern is just perfection and I adore how you styled it with the shoes!

  32. you thrifted those shoes? score! I'm still kinda scared of the shoe section at my local thrift shop... but I keep on seeing such cute thrifted shoes people find so I may be changing my mind!

  33. I recognized that backdrop! You'll have to tell me where you go thrifting because that is a great outfit!
    Thanks for joining us at EBEW!


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