Sunday, April 3, 2011

a happy accident


So, actually, I had't planned on posting up this outfit at all. But I got home from work around six thirty and the sunshine was just steaming straight into my living room--making patterns on the floor and casting pretty light all over everything. I had to take pictures. (it looks like i have no arm above, ha ha ha) And then the sun went down, so I only snapped a few.

It wasn't a revolutionary outfit, but I liked wearing it and got quite a few compliments at work. Plus, it was a little bit of an ego boost to be able to wear this skirt again. Because in all honesty, I know I gained a tiny tiny bit of weight because of Architecture studio(s); I was eating out a lot and was constantly making various coffee/convenience store runs all the time. Now I can work out and cook my own food a bit. Anyways, I lost that extra weight and fit it again--because I'll tell you, I didn't gain a lot, but this skirt is very, very, very unforgiving. I could pretty much zip it, but daaaang, I could not sit down.




I adore the sunshine, and the little hints of Spring. The trees are budding! I also wanted to thank every person that's followed me. I've been blogging for only about a month and a half, so every person and every comment is important to me and makes me smile. I want to be able to interact through more than just comments, so I've gotten a Twitter:

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Hope you guys are having a good weekend. Off to work again for me today :)


  1. Beautiful light, you captured it well! A happy accident indeed!
    The skirt is great, no wonder you're happy to wear it again! I like the belt with a lot.

    You're such a nice person and a great style blogger, I'm so glad we got in touch! :)

    Good luck with Twitter!
    (I don't have one... yet. :)

  2. I love the polka dotted skirt! It's so cute and I love that it is still work appropriate. I am still on the search for my first polka dotted item! =)

    -Erin (

  3. This is such an adorable skirt, I looooooove polka dots! And the sunflares rock in these photos. Darling. :)

  4. Adorable skirt. I love the photos!

  5. wow !
    i love you're blog !
    you've got awesome style !

    let's follow each other if u want,, let me know by comment in my post,,^_^

  6. wow these photos are awesome! I love pictures where the light looks all magically shiny. I love any outfit with polka dots. That being said, I want to steal your skirt. Very cute outfit! =)

  7. Such lovely photos! One of the things I love the most about the sun is the beautiful light shapes and patterns. Oh, and I love the colour of your blouse :)

  8. Very pretty pictures! You can never go wrong with a polka dot skirt if you ask me, even if it's a little snug, haha. I love the outfit.

  9. Love love love this post..that skirt is sooo cute and love the blouse with it.I really adore your style and your hair is so perfect!!

  10. Thanks very much! love the pale pink with black combo:)

  11. I love your photos. And you look adorable! (as always :)

    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  12. Very pretty pictures =) I love your polka dot skirt it's so pretty, I love how you paired it with the lady like blouse,super sweet.

  13. aww, you look so pretty! i love polka dots so this is perfect. its a great feeling to fit back into something again. i hate it when you try and get dressed in the morning and realize you dont fit something quite right...

  14. I love your skirt, so cute!

    I am a new follower now. I hope you will take a look at my blog, and follow if you like.

  15. Bah! I love this, polka dots look so cute on you! And the's closet can never have enough :D

  16. I LOVE the vintage feel to these pictures. That skirt couldn't be more adorable. You're stunning. Dang! I want everything you have on!

  17. great styles! I'm your new follower:)

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    You have beautiful pictures!"
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  19. i love the chair and your outfit of course, great pictures
    Forever Chic,

  20. theses photo's are soooo pretty, your outfit is so cute, thanks so much for visiting my blog



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