Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Float On

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone that reads/follows/comments on my blog. It is so amazing and makes me so very happy to be part of such an active, sweet, lovely community.

Today is going to be pretty dang picture heavy. Because I loved the lighting, the bridge and my outfit. It was the first day this Spring that has felt even remotely like spring--though there was still a short time span in which it rained a bit, as is normal for bipolar Oregon. I'm trying my best to fully enjoy the weather this week. It's supposed to be clear until Friday--then rain again.

I had a good day. I met up with Sarah, we took photos, I went to the dentist (gross!), bought supplies, worked on one of my graphic projects, met up with Sarah again, had Thai bubble tea + bao, went shopping (bough a pair of knee highs and a pair of lacy shorts to wear under dresses/skirts later, worked on project more, met an old friend for dinner and then finished up my project.

I love Tuesdays because though I have things to do, my schedule is pretty open and flexible. Plus, I can carry just a purse instead of my messenger bag.

I am so so incredibly glad that I found and purchased this acrylic/mohair/wool blend chunky sweater. I can already tell I'm going to basically be living in it this Spring--or at least for however long I need to wear warmer clothing.

And then I was a dork and pretended to be tall.

dress/headband: F21
lace shirt(under dress): thrifted
chunky sweater: thrifted
purse: thrifted
tights: Gap
belt: thrifted
flats: Gap

Four days until I see Robert again. He comes home Saturday night and will be in town for a week. Meaning I might be a bit scarce. Long distance sucks a bit, but it's completely worth it when he comes home. Plus, he's done with school in two months. Then he'll be home for good. Life is going. In a good way :)

Hope your weeks are going well. What are you looking forward to?


  1. YES!I am soooo glad you got that cardi/sweater thing! (like I said before) because you totally ROCK it! :) And don't you love having one of those go-to sweaters that look good with everything you wear? I love how fun you are in your pics. I am never that bubbly. I'm always morose. Morose pose. hahaha.

  2. You look so cute in these pictures! :)
    Love the flats and the flowery dress, and the cardigan is genius with the belt!

    Glad you have love-filled days to look forward to! :)

  3. What a cute outfit! You look very nice and pretty :d
    I'm following you now :D


  4. cute photos! I love that floral dress.


  5. wah I hate the dentist. =( But you look super adorable! I WANT that belt. It adds so much pizazz to your outfit. Also love the dress and shoes. The light pink looks so prettayyyy.

  6. What an adorable ensemble! I love how this sweater looks with the floral print dress peeking out from underneath- and the belt is a pretty finishing touch.

  7. These pictures are great, they are so spring-y! Love that you wore a floral dress too!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  8. Nice! I love your floral dress with your pretty pink shoes! I'm glad you enjoyed the sunshine:) It almost feels magical around here when the sun actually comes out and the air starts warming up. Love it!

  9. Ah, your floral dress is just gorgeous. I love how it looks paired w/a chunky grey knit! ^_^ Cozy and pretty! Long distance is def hard but you the saying "it makes the heart fonder" :) Hope you have a good one!

  10. I love how this cardigan (and one with a shawl collar, my favorite!) is belted, you're givin me some ideas lady :)

  11. Cute! I love the belted cardigan! And I have the same tights, I like the way they feel :)

  12. these picture are awesome! i really love your sweater is soo cute! nice flats

  13. This is so cute. I love that cardigan over your dress. The colors are gorgeous!!

  14. I love your dotty tights and the sweater looks super cozy!
    I'm excited to see how you wear your lacy shorts. I've been looking at getting a pair myself. :)

  15. great outfit you look amazing!

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  16. You always look so wonderful - I'm jealous! These photos really are beautiful, and I love your floral dress and cozy looking sweater :)

  17. You have such an adorable blog! Love the header :) Your style is just as adorable! Loving all the pink that's going on!

  18. You are so cute! I love your sweater and dress and tights, goodness, I'll just say everything. ♥

  19. such a beautiful outfit, and i love how playful these pics are!

  20. this is a very well put together look :)

  21. LOVE your belt! You look great!

  22. Another lovely floral dress! I am so jealous, but in a good way. : )



  23. Love this outfit! The pretty floral dress with the chunky sweater is great! And what a beautiful Portland day too :)


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