Friday, April 15, 2011

Lingering Still


Today. it. poured. again. But that's okay--according to the weather forecast for the next week, that's supposed to stop after tomorrow. But other than it being a little bit miserable outside, I had a lovely day. I braved the rain to go to Goodwill with Sarah and found treasures. Real treasures. Well, things I was actually looking for. I plan on posting up pictures this weekend.


I was not terribly excited about this outfit. because there are so many things I have that I want to wear sans tights! Or that feel too flowy or summery to wear while it's pouring.



Not gonna lie, it was fun posing about with the umbrella. And it was fun being on this silly wood ledge. I did gymnastics for a sizeable chunk of my childhood/tween years, so I love balancing on things. It's the little things in life. And this is one of my favorite jackets. It's a really good transitional one, since there are 1/2 sleeves. Perfect for having a cardigan underneath or bare forearms.



umbrella: Sanrio boutique
coat: Three Monkey's Boutique, Portland
shirt: thrifted
shorts: thrifted
belt: thrifted
scarf: thrifted
tights: stolen from Mom
oxfords: Aldo
headband: Forever 21


  1. Beautiful scarf! It really brightens up an otherwise dreary day. Cute!

  2. Lovely umbrella! I've been eyeing a similar one but didn't get it in the end... Maybe I should have!

    Looking forward to the thrifted treasures! :)

  3. that unbrella is too cute. you look great


  4. Super cute outfit! there's nothing better than dressing for the rain! I totally want your umbrella, the clear ones are the coolest!

  5. Cuttee outfit! Love your shoes and umbrella! Great post title also! xxx

  6. I love your umbrella!!! I love your lace top! It's so beautiful! I love how you got your tights from your mom. :)

  7. Great outfit and I really love the way you incorporated the umbrella in the pictures:) Even though it was raining and you needed it, it does add something special to the look.

  8. Ooh, love this whole look. and the headband is super cute. :) I'm super happy to have found your blog.

  9. Cute umbrella! I need one like that for our British weather here :)
    Love those black and white images! Makes it look so gentile. <3

  10. so cute. love the umbrella! check out my blog and etsy! i put up a spring lookbook for it.

  11. ooohhhh i'm loving that little bow!!! aww man here it's been raining alot too -_- siiiiiigh i don't really like raining days...LOL anyways! have a lovely sunday! xoxox

  12. These pictures are so adorable! I love the lace detail on your shirt and those argyle tights! Also, that umbrella is the perfect rainy day accessory :)

  13. I love me a good Goodwill shopping trip! And those Oxfords are too cute, love them.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  14. Great pics! Is this blog title after the She and Him song? I love that song :)

  15. Hi Lea! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's great to meet another Portland blogger:) I love this outfit! The oxfords are super cute and all of the texture is great. I know what you mean about wearing tights. This time of year can be really frustrating. I hope you have a great Sunday!

  16. I want an umbrella with that shape... And it's from SANRIO! what could be better? Right now, my umbrella is a pink, kids', HK one with white ruffles. I know, i'm 26. Whatever. haha.

    Your pics are adorable! I wish I had more creativity with poses:)

    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  17. Love the umbrella!


  18. love the black lace and oxfords and the umbrella is adorable..i love the rain! it's so fun searching for treasures at goodwill, we go at least once a week :)


  19. i LOVE the last picture!
    it looks really gorgeous!!

    xx ju --> my blog


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