Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nihao. Konnichiwa.

These photos were taken yesterday--on Friday, my weekend. I am a Chinese/Japanese cross breed, if anyone was wondering. Yesterday, I was mistaken for an asian foreign exchange student.

Sarah and I met after her class finished and then went on a food/thrifting adventure to one of our favorite haunts. We got on the max (the subway/rail system here in the Portland metro area) and found a seat whilst a pudgy late-twenties woman stared at me while smiling slightly creepily. She then proceeded to speak very slowly and loudly to me--asking me where I was from and attempted to communicate by saying hello in both Chinese and Japanese.

Mind, I have basically NO ASIAN ACCENT AT ALL. English is the only language I speak fluently. You think she might have pieced that together after conversing casually with me for a few seconds. But whatever. I guess not many people actually dress like this. Plus, I was carrying around my SLR camera.

And as an after though, I guess it's cool that she was trying to be friendly.

Anyhow, I love this dress a lot. I bought it thrifting while in California and wore it for the first time in this post. It was either $1.99 or $2.99, I don't remember now. I was about to put it back on the rack, but then Robert basically told me to buy it because it was so cheap and he could tell I liked it. I am so happy I did now. I love that the print is slightly ethnic and looks watercolored (my favorite medium to look at AND use).

I see him tonight! :) He'll be home for a week, we'll go to Seattle for a film festival one of his projects got into and then he'll go back down to SoCal to finish up his last two months of school.

Aaaah. Plus, thrifting was extremely successful. I spent $40.00 (which is a lot for a thrifting day)! I'm super thrilled about the things I found (including one dress, which is for my roommate/coworker, since today is her birthday). Post to come shortly. I love documenting my finds.

dress: thrifted in SoCal
sweater: thrifted
purse: Coach hand me down, Robert's mom
socks: H&M
brown woven loafers: thrifted
necklace: gift from friend
headband: F21

Happy Weekend!


  1. Haha, it's just funny sometimes when you people try to be friendly in a weird way :) I once got stopped by a asian tourist who had never in his life seen a girl with red hair. He took my picture and thanked me, So funny and weird, but cute ^^ I am also seriously considering to move to the USA since i believe it is thrift paradise! Our triftstores only have sizes XXXXXL and so on. They do often have nice fabric left-overs, but I can't sew. maybe I should take lessons? Well here I go again, talking more to myself than actually write a comment x) Have a nice day and happy Easter! x

  2. It's real funny when people get fascinated about you for your ethnicity! I'm Filipino, and most other Filipinos who've lived here a while get so surprised when they hear me speak English well. I sometimes get mistaken for a Hispanic too, which I suppose makes sense; the Philippines was a Spanish colony for like 300 years, so I prolly have more Spanish than Asian blood xD.

    You get to thrift the NICEST stuff. Oh dear. <3 And these photos are gorgeous, especially because of the location. :) I really wish I can get into thrifting soon; it'd be such a relief to my wallet too :)

  3. beautiful! I love the skirt!

  4. Haha, it is so funny that you got mistaken for a foreign exchange student.
    And I love the dress. You did the right thing buying it.

  5. hahahaha that's funny! I get that all the time being Mexican, people will either talk crap about me - or try to speak super slowly hahaha. I speak spanish with a whitey accent hahaha born and raised in Oregon people hahaha too funny. I love the dress too. Super cute! I've never been thrifting in Portland! Maybe we should have a mini bloggers meet up in Portland and you can take us thrifting! :)

  6. You look adorable! And I completely understand the whole foreign exchange student thing. Sometimes I like messing with people sometimes when they ask me where I'm from, I say Canada. Which isn't the answer they're looking for, but it's the truth!


  7. I love everything about this. All of your photos are really lovely. The pattern of your skirt is my favorite part of the look. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm now following yours and I can't wait for what's next!

  8. so pretty! these pictures scream springtime!! and i love your outfit -- you found some great pieces :) following you

    visit/follow me too xo

  9. Hahah, typical. Thank you for the nice words by the way, I do hope I feel better soon! I had to take a big exam with tissues tucked up in my nose, how stupid is that?

    Lovely outfit as always :)


  10. Hey Lea! This outfit is so adorable!! I love that crew-neck sweater with a dress combo; I've been trying to find the right sweater to do that with, too.

    Thank you for saying such nice things- you are the sweetest! :D I'm so glad you enjoy my blog ^-^ xx

  11. You are so cute! Such a lovely and chic outfit!


  12. how cute!!!

    happy holidays!!!
    xoxo from rome

  13. HAAH that story made me lol. People are so weird sometimes. It's always funny when you don't know if people are trying to be friendly/creepy/ give a compliment/ or possibly just be an ax murderer. Just kidding. I'm sure she wasn't a murderer. Anyway, these pictures are super adorable. I love that dress! The print is so pretty and your bow is the cutest =)

  14. When I went to Germany, my friend and I would always get mistaken for natives and asked (by Americans) for directions (in bad German). It was so sad to have to explain to them we were in the same boat! Haha.

    Also, that bag reminds me of a lunchbox. In the best way. :)

  15. You look so adorable! I love your outfit! Very spring-like. I took a beginning Japanese course last semester and I learned a lot of basic stuff. It was such a fun class.

  16. your outfit is so cute! i love the floral skirt. i always get mistaken for various nationalities as well. xx

  17. hahaha...that is too funny! i love this purse so much!


  18. Hey Lea! Commenting for the second time. I gave you a little award on my page, go check it out; and if you like to, continue the chain. Here's the link:

    Have a nice week!


  19. Lovely sunny, happy pictures! I hope you're having a nice time with Robert! A boyfriend who encourages you to shop - a rare and precious find! :)

  20. You are gorgeous and this little outfit is adorable! Glad you got the dress because it is such a lovely piece!
    I am usually mistaken to be Spanish here in London, but what really annoys me is when I say that I am actually Portuguese and some people still continue thinking that I'm Spanish, maybe they don't know much about geography or know that actually Portugal is a country different from Spain!

  21. That's so cool that you're a crossbreed. So much more fun than being a pureblood. I'm 100% Korean. Sometimes I say I'm part North Korean (since my Grandma crossed the border during the war) just to sound cool, even though it doesn't make the slightest difference. lol.

    You are really cute! Kawaii~<3


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