Monday, April 25, 2011

Time Goes By

I will start out by saying that I definitely won't be very active this week--as my lovely long distance boyfriend is in town. I shall be horrid at commenting around :)

I wore this outfit yesterday (Easter) so thought it might be nice to wear some pastel colors even though it was cold and rainy.

Robert has been in southern California studying cinematography, so it is somewhat interesting to see the difference in my photos. He is super super picky and we ended up taking pictures in about five different locations around my apartment building and university campus. The sun was going down too, so the images are a little cold. It was fun dealing with photos that already had a bit of tone and mood injected into them inherently. Personally, I can see the film influence.

I'm apparently challenging him by doing full body shots. ha!

I've been dying to wear these shorts. And have been waiting until it got nicer, so I could go without tights, but I decided I didn't care and tried to use black accents (in scarf and belt) to tie it all together.

(It bothers him that the tree grows from my shoulder, but that's okay)

Then, I took these :)

shorts: thrifted
shirt: J Crew
scarf: H&M
belt: thrifted
tights: Betsey Johnson
cardigan: Tracy M. via Marshalls
purse: Coach hand me down, from Robert's mom
shoes: thrifted
hairbow: F21


  1. You look adorable in these pics!! Your boyfriend really did a great job with them...and my favorite is the one with the tree!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. Awww that's so sweet! My boyfriend and I are doing long distance too, so I can understand how you must feel... and you guys seem really cute together :)

  3. Perfect Easter outfit! You tied everything together well with the black accents, and yet made the pastel blue shorts still the hightlight of the outfit. =) And a great week to come, I forgive you for hanging out with your boyfriend as much as possible =P. Please, do not apologize! Enjoy! =)

    -Erin (

  4. Enjoy your time with you boyfriend! :)

    These photos are lovely and definitely have a film-like feel to them. I laughed when I read about the tree growing out of you. That's one thing my boyfriend always told me about when it came to photography. Watch out for backgrounds!

  5. Those shoes are so pretty! Have fun with your boyfriend! Mine is long-distance, too, it's hard, but worth it :)


  6. I knew immediately Robert had taken those photos. And not just 'cause I knew he was in town. (: That is all. I don't need to shower you with compliments. I do that enough in real life.

  7. Heck yeah girl, I'd bust those shoes out as well! Darling! Love the photos. Enjoy the time with your boyfriend, the long distance makes every moment so bittersweet. :)

  8. ohmygoddd you look so so so cute. Those are the perfect shorts and I am beyond in love with your shoes. Great finds! Have fun with your boyfriend this week!

  9. The outfit is super pretty! I love those shoes too! Like I need my own:) And your bf took some great photos of you.

  10. You are TOO cute!! I love your accessorizing. Those tights and that scarf totally make the outfit!

  11. The compostitions are so cinematographic indeed! Great pictures! :)

    I love the short and how the pattern of the tights come back in the scarf!

    Have a wonderful time together and don't bother about taking a leave from the blogoshpere. :)

  12. ahhhh-dorable!
    my boyfriend is moving overseas soon, might see how long distance for us goes?


  13. Oh you look so cute!
    Don't worry about blogging while your sweetheart is there! My boyfriend, who is living in Portugal, came this past week too and my blog was left behind too.

  14. you look adorable! Love your shoes and bag!

  15. aw! I love that he's so picky! your boy has to train mine ;) (wow, that sounds bad when you read it) :x I love how they turned out and you look absolutely cute! have tons of fun with your boyfriend! ♥


  16. You look so cute! Great outfit!
    Want to follow each other?

  17. Lea, you are both super adorable! The pics are great and I LURVE your flats! If I ever stop by Portland, I swear you will HAVE to take me to your thrift haunts!
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  18. ohhh, robert + cinematography? coool!! that's so fun that he's so into the photos! so sad that this weekend didn't work out! :( but i'll be in portland again on mother's day weekend, so maybe we can work out something then.. and if not, there's always later!

    good luck with school this week! i'm so happy for you that robert is back!!

  19. These photos are lovely! And you look so adorable! All of these pastel colors are perfect for easter. I especially love those pink shoes :)

  20. I love every single element of this outfit! Those shoes are so adorable..the color is fantastic! You and your boyfriend are so cute. Hope you enjoy this time together!! Long distance is so hard, but so amazing when you get to finally see them! xx

  21. The pattern on those tights is the best :) They go so well with the shorts!

  22. I love the little bow in your hair. Why are your outfits so kawaii? And your boyfriend is cute! You two are one adorable little couple <333

  23. Gorgeous photos,they came out really well, I love the shoes and the black accent really works for this outfit :)

  24. cute outfits and love the shoes! i read your comment@THE CAT HAG, you said you're fighting a nasty cold, try my home remedy, maybe it will make u feel better. following you now!


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