Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Suburbs


I went home to my parents' house last night because I couldn't this past weekend. I mainly went to visit my grandpa, but you know, free food is nice too. I grew up in the suburbs (for the most part). There's something silly about rows and rows of houses composed of the same plastic siding and slightly different but similar assortments of shutters and window configurations.

I definitely have mixed feelings about suburbs. The first mass produced one popped up in 1951 and was named Levvittown (There is an interesting/bizarre documentary I suggest watching called Wonderland if you've got the time or are interested). The suburbs were created with an idealistic, utopian vision, offering a very specific lifestyle and vision to it's audience.

It's become the norm--people still completely buy into that vision.


Here's my lovely neighborhood. I'm dropping the Urban planning speak, because I could ramble on and on and not say anything remotely related to my blog.

I do love this dress. It's one of the things I thrifted while in California--for $1.95 if I remember correctly. It's pretty much a sack, so requires belting, but that is acceptable. The print is so big and pretty. I also love these black Cole Han tasseled loafers. I found them at a Goodwill boutique and they were in perfect condition. They were a bit more expensive, since it was a fancy Goodwill, but I fell in love and they are oh so comfy. At some point, I'm sure I'll wear them again and be able to have closer, better pictures of them.


(haha, my head looks really abnormally big because my mom was standing up on the porch to take my pictures)


I tried to tuck a sense of nostalgia into my photos, because although I have mixed feelings, I have fond memories of the suburbs. I just know that personally, I like neighborhoods that were allowed to develop on their own--with independent people hiring independent contractors and designers. It's so much more interesting when more hands touch any one project.



dress: thrifted
shirt: thrifted
tights: Target
loafers: Goodwill boutique
belt: thrifted
headband: Forever 21

What sort of neighborhood did you grow up in?


  1. That houses is really interesting looking. This is not a typical suburb house at all! I really love your dress and tights. I've been looking for white tights forever. They have such a "cute little girl" vibe. That I LOVE because I like to pretend I'm an 8 year old sometimes when I dress up haha. Cute outfit!

  2. i love the floral dress! i grew up in a normal florida neighborhood near the bch! don't be nervous to wear long skirts, just do it :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. hehe. Your outfit is super cute and I'm loving how much you know about suburban houses. Shows that you love what you're learning!

    I can't even tell that the dress is baggy, you really dressed it up well with the belt (which I also love because I'm obsessed with belts!).

    -Erin (

  4. Great outfit. I grew up in the suburbs as well and now live in NYC (so you can imagine the difference). I do miss my hometown it was very small and quaint and my parent's home has a lot of land so it's nice to go home and just lay out in the backyard or drive my car! I can't wait to go home and see them soon. I miss my childhood bed and bedroom (I literlaly think its the same size as my apt right now hahah)

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  5. Two dollars??? Wahhhhh. I NEED to thrift elsewhere in this country. I am clearly not in the right thrifitng world! That dress is SO cute. It looks like it could be from urban outfitters!! And I grew up in a really cute neighborhood. It used to be a mini suburb in the 50's but I live in a small town so it consists of about ten houses built around a park. But I LOVE it!

  6. Thanks so much! love your cute little headband. and your belt reminds me of lord of the rings. IN A GOOD WAY ;)

  7. Hi Lea!! Thank you so much for commenting :)!
    I always like reading your posts because I learn things! Today, I learned about the suburbs. That documentary sounds interesting, but the one I really want to watch is Inside Job. Oooh and I love love the belt!
    Titine & Totoche

  8. Hi there :)

    Thanks so much for leaving that comment on my blog. It encourages me so much to find a person on here that identifies with me. :) And I feel very fortunate to have found your blog as well. :) I'll have to read more from you, but I already think you're a very lovely person :)

    I grew up in a city high up in the mountains in the Philippines. We lived by the road so we weren't exactly part of a neighborhood. I don't have memories of next door neighbors or anything. But I think my childhood was a fairly happy time and I'm quite thankful for it. :)

  9. great shoots love your dress <3

  10. Cute dress!!


  11. that floral pattern is so sweet- love it. what a great thrift find! suburbs like that weird me out too. Makes me think of edward scissorhands or something. I moved around alot as a kid (military) so i've lived everywhere from on a horse ranch in the desert to a neighborhood, to a high rise apartment in madrid. ha! kind of a weird combo.

  12. that has to be the cutest thing ever you only got it for like 2 almos awesome! i really like the tights with it too and the shoes!

    thanks for the comment!

  13. sending hopes for warm sunny rays your way!! killer thrifting finds girl. i grew up in the burbs too, it definitely has it's pros and cons. but i'm thankful for the people that i've met

  14. I love that dress. It's super cute on you! Yea, the Secret Life of the American Teenager gets better as the show progresses. :)

  15. Oh Lea, I love your outfit. That dress is all sorts of lovely! And you look so cute in that last picture. I always like how pretty suburbs looks, and secretly, I want to live in one, although that probably won't happen as i am increasingly wanting to live in a small town..
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  16. Lovely dress <3
    Beautiful miss!

  17. i like the american suburbs. in germany it all looks a bit different...sweet grey tights by the way!


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