Friday, May 6, 2011

Dinner Party. Or Film Festival.

I'm sorry I sound like a broken record! It's been Robert Robert Robert these past few posts. But he's sort of a big deal to me. So if that bugs you, just don't read anything. And just look at the nice pictures :)

My last outfit post from Seattle. When I heard that Robert and I were going up to Seattle for a film festival, I got excited just because of the idea of dressing up. Because seriously! I haven't been to a wedding or any other sort of thing that would require nice pretty clothes in a long, long time. And prom was forever ago!

Robert put up with me on Skype while I browsed through pages and pages of dresses--I basically ignored him and did that thing where you give one word answers. So just to be nice, so he would feel involved in some way, I sent him the Modcloth link and told him to tell me which dresses he thought I would like. I've got to admit though, I completely underestimated him, because he totally found this one. And I probably never would have clicked to it and saw the BACK if he hadn't linked me.

Because the back, my friends, is what made me fall in love with the rest of the dress. The color was nice, the collar was nice, but the cut out back made it perfect.

Surprise! Another picture heavy post. It's hard to pare down when Robert takes so many good pictures. Plus, I love this dress, so I want to show it off. I styled it really simply and with soft neutrals--because it doesn't need adornments. Felt sort of like a housewife getting ready for a dinner party at times, but I think that was because of the heels and the matchy-matchy nature of the outfit.

These are the sorts of faces I make while Robert tests exposure:

dress: Modcloth
cardigan: ? from high school
nude tights: Gap
heels: thrifted
purse/clutch: thrifted
headband: F21


  1. aww, this dress is SO cute. you are just adorable! :)

  2. I am glad you sent the modcloth link to Robert, since this dress is completely gorgeous and you look gorgeous in it!

  3. AWWW!! That dress is the cutest thing ever. I love the lace collar and the pretty color. And obviously the back but duh... who wouldn't? Robert is so sweet. I love when guys "know" you. Like whenever my boyfriend picks out something that he knows I would wear I think it's so sweet because he knows my taste so well. You've been wearing such lovely pastel shades lately. I'm addicted. =)

  4. That dress is bangin'!! I love the pretty housewife feel from the front and then the sexy back detail. It sounds like your trip to Seattle was a success:)

  5. ahh! I would have fallen immediately for it too because of the back, it's gorgeous! and you styled it perfectly :) I love the white heels. aw your man has good taste! ;)


  6. ooooh, I love the back of your dress so much!!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  7. Aww...that's such an adorable outfit. Your boyfriend picked out a really cute dress. The back is definitely gorgeous.

  8. Ohh such a cute dress. I am sucker for back details as well. I recently purchased a semi-backless dress as well. Although I still didn´t have a chance to wear it without a sweater or jacket because of the weather.


  9. i looooove that dress.. ahh. i have a wedding next weekend, and i just decided to wear a dress i have in my closet, but i kind of want to undecide that so i can get THAT one haha.. stupid budgets!

    yeah i totally know what you mean about being able to make amazing artwork when limited to one color.. i'm a painter as well! i guess i was thinking more like, if a painter was all excited about painting a sunset and then their boyfriend was like "oh you can only use blue." it's like, "whaaaaat." haha

    are you studying graphic design? i alllmost went down that path at school, but stayed on the photo/marketing side.. but i did LOVE my design classes!

  10. i LOVE this breezy dress and the cut out back is my favorite!!


  11. The back of the dress is indeed amazing! And your legs are so nice in these heels!

    Great that Robert enjoys taking your pics, and i'm sure you enjoy the sessions more when he photographs you. :)

  12. awe, what a cute dress! I love the back:)

  13. thanks for the comment on my waffles post LOL I just used a regular blogger background for my blog, i'm thinking of remodelling my blog though T_T'' btw your dress is so lovely,it' so light and fresh,beautiful spring outfit :)

  14. AH! that dress is to die for! i agree the back is just beautiful!

    Much love from New York!


  15. I adore your dress! It is so girly and feminine! The collar is so beautiful, and the cut out back is pure perfection! Eek!


  16. Cute dress;-)

  17. Yep, Lea. These are surely beautiful photos. and I agree with you, the back really makes the dress! It's a gorgeous detail :)
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  18. I love your dress so much. I'm weak hearted to any light blue. The open back is the main point of the dress--love it. I have a dress that has a slight open back but it gaps out so you can see my, hem hem, my underwear, cough, so I have to always wear a cardigan over it.

  19. a) I realise I haven't followed you back and rectified the situation!

    b) That dress is STUNNING.

  20. OMGGGGGGG i WANT your shoessssss! soo pretty. love themmmm :)

  21. The color of this dress is gorgeous! It really flatters your complexion. The open back was such a cool surprise- I wasn't expecting it at all! And Robert definitely is a very good photographer, too- I think you always have such pretty pictures. x

  22. eeek that dress is just adorable! love the open back. bet you can't wait to wear it in the middle of summer... it'll be so comfortable!
    <3 kim
    floral printed heart

  23. really love the dress


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