Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seattle, day 2

I absolutely adore this set of pictures. I also loved wearing this outfit (it was breezy and casual, plus the shoes made me feel like a ballerina) and I loved this day too, so that helps. On Sunday, Robert and I rented the complimentary bikes from our hotel and rode along Seattle Waterfront through the Olympic Sculpture Park and then to Pike's Place Market.

I would definitely suggest visiting the sculpture park if you end up in Seattle somehow (I'll be posting pictures later). You get views of the water, the city and the railroad tracks. Plus, there are all of these silly, quirky little sculptures and installations. This glass wall was one of them. It cast this just gorgeous light all over the path and was perfect for my outfit photos, since a lot of the same colors were in my skirt.

Since we went biking, I wore these little lacy pajama shorts under my skirt. I did have to wear nude tights, but I didn't want to be flashing people either way.

blouse: thrifted
skirt: H&M
flats: Urban Outfitters
nude tights: Gap
bag: thrifted

Robert even played along and let me take some pictures of him. I meant to give him his own outfit post, but I suck at using the lens on his camera and most of them aren't focused right. Silly me.

He left back for school yesterday morning. We were best friends through the latter half of high school, confessed the night we graduated and then the summer after graduation, he left for school. This was the last time I'll have to say goodbye to him. For a while at least. Because he's done in seven weeks. Then, I'll be roadtrippin' down to SoCal with his parents for his graduation, and then he's coming back. Crazy, right? It's been three years of long-distance.

It's a bit surreal, really. I can still remember that first time he left I cried and cried. We stood on my porch for an hour and a half, pretending to be normal, dragging out the time until he'd really have to go. Since then, it's gotten a lot easier to say goodbye but it's remarkable how it still hurts a little even though we've done it countless times now. So I'm a little sad today--especially while looking at these pictures, since this weekend was so perfect and carefree.


  1. thanks! looove the cute ballet shoes!

  2. oooo these are the greatest pictures ever!! The first two are beyond awesome in that pretty glass hallway? It kind of looks like the windows have a rainbow tint! LOVE. Love your pretty outfit too. The skirt is perfect =)

  3. The pictures are beautiful!

    You look so pretty! I love that skirt and the ballet shoes!

  4. Just stumbled on your blog! ITS WAYYYY ADORABLE. I love your layout. And these pictures are GORGEOUS. They're so magical and whimsical. It makes me want to be a fairy or something. I LOVE THAT.

    You look amazing. I love that skirt. It looks like it'd be sooo fun to spin around in! :)

    Check out mine?

  5. AHHH. I love your skirt. Gorgeous! :)

    Beautiful pictures, too! I love your blog so much.

  6. i love how you have such emotion to your blog your stories are so cute <3 love the photos and your outfit :) your style is so unique

  7. Hi Lea! What I like about the first two pictures are the colors the sun makes through the glass, it instantly caught my eye, it looks so pretty. Also, very smart idea to wear shorts underneath!

    It's also amazing how you've kept a long distance relationship for such a long time. It's always hard to say bye to someone you love...

    Ooh also, I gave you a little award in my blog, you don't have to do it or anything hehe, I'm just really glad to have met you by blogging.

    Bye!! :)

  8. Wow, those pictures with the glass wall are definitely some of my favorite of yours. And the outfit too!

    You and Robert seem like such a lovely couple, I give you guys kudos for making a long distance relationship work! It has to be heartbreaking to see him go but don't let it get you down. Just think of how much sweeter the reunion will be...and then after that no more goodbyes! :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  9. I love the photos and most definitely in love with this outfit. One of my favorites of yours! :D Love the ballerina look.

    Also, please show me when you make your skirt!!! I'm super excited for you. :)

    Oooh and congrats to you and Robert for making it 3 years in a long distance relationship! That's crazy! But a good crazy. :) (Also, hope you have fun in SoCal! That's where Erin and I are! :D Haha!)

    - Caroline (

  10. youre so cute :D I love your ensemble.

  11. First time here! :) You take such beautiful photos! Love those ballet shoes! And congrats on the 3 years! :)


  12. You look stunning! Seriously, everything about your look is just perfect. The skirt, the blouse, the fab shorts underneath,... not to mention your hairdo. Love it!

  13. What a cute little outfit to go biking in! Loving that skirt on you!

    xo Lynzy

  14. oh i have that skirt! he he, i love how you teamed it with a shirt and what a great idea with the pj bottoms!


  15. Aww..these pictures are just adorable. You look great in your outfit. Such a classy look!

    Parting is definitely such sweet sorrow.

    Following you on BlogLovin'. :)

  16. beautiful pictures! I love your outfits. And it's so lovely to read your little love story. I hope those last seven weeks will fly by! x

  17. gorgeous photos! I love your flats!

  18. This look is so cute, I love the flats so so much.

  19. So nice pics, it's like you are in a big soap bubble!
    You are really adorable!

  20. Your story is extremely adorable. And both of you are super sweet! Firstly, let's get the outfit stuff out of the way. I love your whole outfit (down to the shorts!) I especially love those criss-cross shoes!

    I am sooooo happy that you guys have endured the long-distance trials. My husband and I were "long distance" for the duration of our engagement (9 months or so). I was finishing undergrad, and he had just gotten accepted to grad school. It was tough, and I almost went ballistic a few times. (ok fine, I was ballistic a lot). I wish you both yumminess and happiness :)

  21. Lovely pictures, the colours are so beautiful!

    You write so well, your story is so touching! Cheer up and think of all the great times ahead! :)

  22. such a cute blog!!
    like these pics!

  23. You look super adorable in these pictures, my favourite is the first one thought the black and white one is super nice too. I seriously need to invest on a pair of cycling shorts or something similar since I flashed my underwear yesterday when the wind blew my skirt :|
    I understand what you're feeling about long distance thing but once you're finally together ("forever") it'll feel so so good you'll forget all about it :)

  24. I love your skirt! Very springy and airy. And your long-distance story is very sweet and sad, I feel ya.


  25. aw, it is definitely always hard to say goodbye.. but 7 weeks? you got this :) it will fly by!

    i can see why you love this set of photos.. the first 2 (especially) are soooo so so so pretty. SO pretty hehe

  26. You are so gorgeous!! I love the pretty pale tones in your outfit. I commend you guys on keeping up with the long distance thing. That takes so much work, but your happiness shows in your photos.

  27. Your outfit is so angelic! I love it!

  28. I love your skirt (and your cute shorts). The ballet flats are lovely too.

  29. I'm totally in love with your skirt!So cute:)
    I love also your flats!
    Lovely blog,I added to your followers:)
    Enter my new giveaway: you can win $75 Forever 21 giftcard!!

  30. That skirt is so adorable, I love the colours and the waist. And your ballerina pumps! So cute x

    Just a Thought

  31. Hurray for coming back, I really loved reading this post because I know the feeling of coming to the end of a long, tough journey! (Also, I love your skirt and shoes together... so cute!)

  32. that first photo is amazing and i'm in love with that sweet shirt! robert is so adorable, you two make the cutest couple :)


  33. i'm really loving your blog!
    new follower!

  34. I love your outfit, and your pictures are beautiful! That first picture is so lovely, you look like a ballerina. :) Long distance relationships are so difficult, and I applaud you and him for your strength to maintain such a great relationship for so long. I did it for two years, and it was so hard, and unfortunately, we ended up calling it quits. Good for you, though :)


  35. i love you two. let's have a coffee date (sometime, srsly!!) and i wanna hear all about it. this outfit looks sooo comf, i love it -- i want it!


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