Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Away Guest Post: Kate

I have a series of guest posters lined up for my little weekend away. One of Robert's projects got into a film festival in Seattle, so that is where I am. All of the guest posters will be answering questions about a dreamy weekend trip. I'm cheating a little by posting this now, since it's Monday, but I definitely also need today to catch up from my weekend :)

My final guest is Kate, of Postcards From. She is definitely one of my favorite bloggers because she's able to flawlessly pull of a look that's equal parts edgy and sweet.

Hi friends! This is Kate Maggie reporting to you live from the blogosphere! I blog over at 'Postcards From' and am so so excited to be guest blogging on Lea's blog this weekend! She sent me a fun list of questions for my dream weekend (while she is off having the time of her life on her very own weekend getaway!) Lets get started shall we...


If you could get away to anywhere fictional for a weekend, where would you go?

I had to think long and hard about this question! Its a toss up between Hogwarts and Neverland. Hard decision right? I know! I think I would say Never Land. I would just absolutely love to go there for a weekend and play with the lost boys.


Who (real or fictional) would you bring?

I would probably bring my celebrity crush, Matthew Gray Gubler, just because I know he would be so much fun to hang out with in Never Land. Second would be my Dad, because I just never ever get sick of him.


What would you do there?

What wouldn't I do there?! There would be indulgence is way too many cheeseburgers, lemonade stands, endless candy and water balloon fights. It would be the absolute time of my life!


What sort of music playlist would you need?

Ooooh, good question! When I 'fly' over to Never Land with Tink by my side, I would probably share my Ipod with her and we would jam to Vampire Weekend or Stars. The whole weekend would be filled with happy indie songs, the type that make you want to dance and never really stop.


& last but not least, what would you wear? (from an old outfit, or new, whichever you’d like)

I can never leave the house without my trusty leather jacket, and of course I would want to seem intimidating and bad ass to Captain Cook so I would wear a leather jacket, but still keep it feminine and sweet to catch the eye of peter pan with a girly dress. Oh man, can this become a reality, like tomorrow?!

Thanks so much for reading my guest post lovelies. Hurry back Lea, we miss you!! xxx

Dress - Swap with Selective Potential
Flats - Aldo
Leather Jacket - Suzy Shier



  1. yayy your so cute! I just commented you on Postcards from and now I'm commenting here. Sorry if you think I'm stalking your life =p CHEESEBURGERS!! This is why I love you haha. And you should definitely go to Hogwarts. I'm coming with.

  2. Wow, you are so adorable. I didn't think you could get anymore adorable. And when Caroline reads this post she is going to LOVE you even more (although I'm not sure how possible that is because I think we love you ALOT already haha) Those places are two of Caroline's favorite things - Harry Potter and Peter Pan. =) Thanks Lea for bring Kate over to your blog! She's the best.

    -Erin (

  3. Beautiful dress! You wear it very well.

  4. ooh, how wonderful to see Kate on here too!! I love her, such gorgeous style and she is a cutie pie. Fabulous answers, & such a fun read. xx veronika

  5. KATE, CAN WE PLEASE BE BEST FRIENDS NOW?! :D :D :D :D Erin told me to read this post because she said I would go crazy over it and I know why. Hogwarts and Neverland are my top fictional places, too. (Followed by Middle Earth and Narnia!) I love Harry Potter and Peter Pan! :)

    Love the outfit, Kate! I adore your leather jacket, which always seems to find its way into your outfit posts. :P

    - Caroline (


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