Friday, May 13, 2011

Everything in its Right Place

Well, I'm sure that we can all agree that the past few days with Blogger have been a fiasco. I've lost so many sweet, lovely comments off of my last post, which is really a shame, since there was such encouragement and niceness there. Oh well, life goes on. And I was having a pretty damn good hair day today, which I've decided to rub in all of your faces with this picture:

(I also love the little cut out detailing and color of this shirt)

I felt like something like a cross between a school girl (because of the high socks and the dress worn as a jumper) and train engineer (because of the stripey pattern and material of the dress) in this outfit. I usually wear shirts under dresses, but Nicole, of Coco Maria totally made me want to do it with a jumper looking dress.

I bought the dress because it's simple enough to be mixed up a lot as a basic but has enough cute little details to make me happy. The fact that it has little pockets and those black buttons won me over.

I worked on my homework all morning, met my mom for coffee and then met up with Sarah for thrifting (it was a successful day) + late lunch. I'm pretty happy, since there wasn't a whole lot of awkwardness to these photos. It's a lot easier to look happy and pose for pictures when you're actually super happy. I finally feel like I've got everything under control again :D

dress: F21
shirt: thrifted
cardigan: AE forever ago (highschool)
socks: don't remember :(
oxfords: F21

And... I'm going to be a bit lame and shamelessly self plug my Tumblr (you can see one of my newer thrifted blouses--the collar makes me die a little inside because it's so pretty) and my Twitter because I'm trying to be good and active on those two things.

Happy Friday! :D


  1. Boo, to loosing comments, the same thing happened to me too!! Also, your hair is indeed looking SO lovely. And the outfit is fab, your knee socks are such a sweet touch. xx veronika

  2. I love all of the gray in your outfit! (I absolutely adore gray!) I especially love the brogues! They are so dreamy!


  3. Hi Lea!
    Your hair does look amazing. I love your bangs. I'm almost tempted to stop trying to grow mine out and cut them again.
    You are an adorable school girl/train conductor in your outfit. :)


  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    What an adorable dress :)

  5. yes dear, you hair looks amaaaaaaaazing ^^ haha, love the cute dress too :) My mom has stolen my camera so I can't go out taking photos and that sucks, whe wants me to focus on homework and my upcoming finals! x

  6. What a lovelly dress. And you hair looks amazing, really.
    And that blogger thing really was a bummer; luckily none of my posts were deleted but I get how messed up that must of been for all the bloggers out there.

  7. love the color palette here, and the detailing on the blouse. Also followed your tumblr. XO

  8. hahaha thanks! :)
    I like the fifth photo, it appears to move :)
    I follow you!

    (I don't speak English very well... haha)


  9. Looks great on you :) great taste!

  10. Hi Lea, you look so cute, i love your combination outfit, esp the oxford shoes and the socks, the denim dress is lovely :)

  11. UGH, I know, that Blogger craziness was so frustrating but in great news you is absolutely perfect today!!!! :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  12. Wow you look absolutely darling!!

  13. Ohhh you look so cute! I just love the tunic look with the bright blue top... I have completely missed this blogger madness by being away so I hope none of my comments were deleted!

  14. u look so cute girl!!! lovely blog and unique dressing style!!!

    xoxo jenna

  15. This outfit is so pretty! I like all the items but love especially that sweet little blouse!

  16. What a great outfit!! The blouse peaking out is super pretty too. Great color.

  17. you look so cute! love the detail on your top. glad you had a good day. <3

  18. That dress is so cute! Love me some seersucker : )



  19. You look lovely! That last picture is adorable! I also liked that jumper look of Nicole's- it's so great to see inspiration spreading through blogs! :)

  20. I adore the socks and shoes (I have them too). All the blue shades in this outfit. Really pretty.

  21. Sorry to hear about you loosing comments, that sucks! I love this outfit, the dress is so cute, I love the buttons and pockets too! Your hair does look good, so your allowed to rub it in our faces ;)

  22. Love the background on these pictures, what a nice street!
    The cut-out pattern of the top is so cool as well as all the different shades of greys and blues! You definitely don't remind me of a train engineer. :D

    Oh, and I already follow you on Twitter - I totally forgot to post about my account. (Which I set up when Blogger went on leave...)

  23. Great pics girl...You look gorgeous..:)


    Don't bother to pass by anytime..:)

  24. LEAAA I didn't know F21 sold oxfords!

  25. Ah, the same thing happened to me! I was bummed that I lost so many comments, but, yeah, life goes on.

    I love the jumper looking dress and how you wore it! Something about this outfit makes me think of Alice in Wonderland, which is totally cool! I love the blue & grey hues going on here!

    And definitely let me know if you ever come back to Seattle again! I'd love to show you around! (:

  26. ughh I will never forgive blogger for the last post that got erased. I've noticed that some peoples posts were coming back though... without the comments, but still. Their missing posts returned. But mine never did haha.

    Anyway, I love your title because that's one of my favorite Radiohead songs. My whole blog is named after a Radiohead song. This outfit is SO adorable. I love the dress and bow. I'm really loving how the dress kind of looks like overalls because I was watching tons of 90's movies this weekend and getting really jealous of all the denim overalls that were being worn.

    Also, there needs to be a font for sarcasm because people always believe me when I am joking haha. I didn't actually get fired or anything for missing the meeting. They were just like "oh you better show up next time" and that was it lol. Just like how my plastic geese aren't real haha. Everyone believes everything I write! =p i'm sarcastic way too much.

  27. You're so cute ! Just stumbled upon your blog and I am following you on twitter ;-)...if you would like us to follow each other blogs just let me know ! Kisses (valelavale on twitter)

  28. Thanks for mentioning me! You certainly rock the school girl/train conductor look wonderfully! That dress is adorable. I have tons of pairs of knee socks from high school, but never know how to wear them, so thanks for the inspiration :)

  29. I love this jumper. I kind of need a jumper that I can throw over a blouse/T-shirt. Voila! They are always insta-style.

    I was hoping to do the knee socks trend more this past season but failed again...I'm not brave enough to do it!! :(( Though I did wear over-the-knee socks a few times...

  30. You look so cute in your blues and greys. That whole blogger mess was really annoying, but good hair days can fix it all!!

  31. Love the socks.. I am seeing a lot of people wearing them like this. Not sure how it would look on a guy.. Maybe i will give it a try haha..


  32. i love your cute grey oxfords and cutouts on your top!
    Chic on the Cheap


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